“Learning guitar from Robert has taken me to the level I always dreamed of. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel where I am  free on the neck and really letting my soul shine by knowing where I can be at any time. I highly recommend studying guitar with Robb.”

—Thomas Dow (Performing Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist and Guitar Teacher)

“Robb creates an extremely friendly atmosphere in the lessons I had with him. I wasn't ever afraid to ask questions about anything I didn't completely understand. I loved his countless metaphors to help me understand how to improve. I now have a passion for music and the guitar, and Robb may be to thank for that. He rocks, take lessons from him. Period.”

        — Alex Hawley (High school student, age 13 -15)


“I've been a student of Robb's for quite a while, and let me tell ya, there is no better teacher than this man. I've never been upset with a single technique or lesson I've learned in my many years of studying. I am a music lover and love all genres, but my main focus is on METAL and HARD ROCK. I was and am very pleased with Robb's ability to teach me in these uncommon grounds. And just a little story for the improvisation lessons he gives; I have friends that have been playing for 11+ years and are very dedicated players. I haven't been playing nearly THAT long, but after my improvisation lessons, they ask me on how I improvise and solo so well. It’s simple, Robb is the real deal for all styles and needs. Rock On!”

        — Jared Keefer (High school student, age 10 - 18)

“I’ve been taking lessons with Robb for over a year and I can’t say enough with how happy I’ve been. Besides being a great guy whom you feel comfortable with from day one, Robb possesses the rare ability found in only the best of instructors: he seeks out and leverages each student individual passion for music to foster accelerated, quality learning. Robb has structured my learning by using many of my favorite songs, which has made the development process exceptionally rewarding, and which leaves me hungry to learn more. I highly recommend Robb as a guitar instructor, and I’m looking forward to progressing further under his guidance. 

        — James Hathorn (Business Law Student)

“If you have the desire, Robb has the method to make you a much better player. He is able to make complicated things simple. In other words, he is a great teacher! This is not just your average lesson series. This is a method to master the guitar fingerboard.  If you want to unleash your soloing potential, Robb is your man!”

        — Steven Craig (Attorney, Business owner and father of two)

   “Robb is one of the best guitar instructors I have ever worked with. His enthusiasm is contagious and his efforts to work with the student’s area of interest are outstanding.  It is a hard to find an instructor who can effectively teach such a wide variety of guitar styles.  I would recommend Robb for any ability level or style of playing.”

        — Roy Krughoff (Professional and father of three)

    “I really enjoyed how Robb would incorporate your favorite kind of music into the lesson and dissect how the guitarist is playing in the songs. He gave much more insight into the music than just how to play the song, but how to incorporate your own style into the song. His passion for music and the guitar really come through in the lessons. I looked forward to my lesson every week.”

        — Jon Miller (Professional)

        Robb Boswell is, in the more profound sense of the word, a teacher.  He is one of those special individuals who has the ability to both help others discover their potential, and to help them learn how to navigate towards that potential for the long haul. He is a role model parents want for their youth.

    Robb is also an exceptional and brilliant, guitarist, musician, and songwriter. He has much to offer students of the art in the areas of technique, performance, composition, ear training, reading, etc., all the varied, infinite tasks that make up the work of music. I would say he is one of the best teachers I have ever met.  His teaching go beyond being prepared; he is organized, systematic, and pedagogically sensible. He is conscious of each individual and searches for the process that works best for that student.

       For those who may actually have a serious calling to be an artist, Robb is an exceptional guide. So much of achievement and substance in life and art comes from understanding and cooperating with the process. One’s fears and limiting beliefs are revealed when they venture to grow and to express from that growth. It takes a special teacher to be able to understand and share what “working on one's dream” looks and feels like.

        I have had the pleasure of knowing Robb both professionally and personally.

        I highly recommend him.

         — Rob Whitesides Woo-Lighthouse Productions

      (Recording artist, composer, producer and teacher)

    "Your ear is one we can trust. Even in the short time you coached us, your expertise greatly improved our band . We even practice differently."

        — Silent Treatment (L.A. Rock Band)

        Robb can teach to any level of student with patience. His presence is both inspiring and friend-ly.  He encourages you to expand your limits without pushing.  Robb has a great gift for sharing his knowledge of music and guitar in a very inviting way. I have always enjoyed being his student and learning from him because he is not a cyborg spitting out facts, but a person who cares and has passion for what he does. 

        — Gavin Caswell (Musician and stage actor, age 13 - 19)

    Robb is easy to work with, a good communicator, patient and works at a comfortable speed based on the student’s ability and time frame to practice. I have grown to love my lesson time.

Larry  T. (Businessman and Family Man)

      A devoted teacher, Robb has the versatility to play almost any style and the ability to show

even advanced students new tricks. From my first lesson, he maximized each hour with an easy going demeanor. Robb is one of the most honest and competent people you will ever meet. One of the things I value most about having him as a teacher is the friendship we have developed over the years.

        — Chris (age 18 - 20)

        I started with Robb in 1996 and was a student of his for a year.  I stopped taking lessons due to a lack of time. When I started playing again, I didn’t think twice about having Robb as a teacher.

    He encouraged me to work hard and challenges me each week. He left me motivated, deter-mined and confident after each lesson and I always looked forward to our next lesson. When he teaches me it makes sense. He explains well and always relates his instruction to what is going on with my playing. I have never felt more confident on Bass than I do now. Robb never fails to amaze me.

        — Steven A. (Bass player for the band “The Silent Treatment”)

    Thank you so much for being such an awesome guitar teacher. I’ll miss your great sense of humor, positive attitude towards everything and just what a friendly guy you are. I will never forget how well you taught me. You have inspired me so much. I love playing guitar more than ever.

        — Bentley (age 15)

     Robb is fun to play with and I’m always learning. He teaches me what I want to learn. He is helpful, patient, funny and teaches me at my own pace.

        — Brian B. (age 14)

      Robb doesn’t just play guitar with you, he makes sure you learn it. He has a kind approach, not strict, and makes you want to learn.

        — Brian R. (age 13-15)

      You are my favorite guitarist. There is no one better in my mind (besides me of course! :-)  It has been a great four years. Learning guitar is honestly the best thing that ever happened to me.

        — Buddy (age 14-18)

What parents have to say about Robb’s teaching

      Rob has been teaching our daughter for the last 4 years. He is always prompt and full of new ideas and insights about the music our daughter likes to play. His enthusiasm and ability to bring out the joy of the guitar has brought an immense amount of pleasure to her life. She now has a fairly large repertoire of contemporary and classic rock tunes she enjoys playing.  We highly recommend Rob as a teacher and are sure you will enjoy his talents as  much as we have.

        — Randy and Carole (parents of  Annelise, age 14-17)

    Thank you Robb for instilling in Bentley a love of the guitar. You are a great instructor and wonderful role model.

        — Brooke and Gary (parents of Bentley, age 15)

       Robb has been a great teacher for our daughter. Being a guitar player myself I have a good idea of what it takes to keep a student motivated and interested. Rob combines patience, kindness and musical skill. A good recipe for a happy, motivated student. I highly recommend him.

        — Jeff - (parent of Pinky, age 13-15)

        Robb Boswell is a wonderful teacher. He has taught Brian for two years and it has been a great experience. He is very kind and patient as well as extremely talented and knowledgeable and has a true gift for teaching. It has been a pleasure having him teach in our home.

        — Jan - (parent of Brian R. age 13-15)

        Robb has a knack for evoking the musician in a student (without beating it out of them which has been my experience with other music teachers). He is kind, encouraging and has a gift for making my sons feel special and able.  His teaching style promotes a sense of self-confidence in their natural abilities.  The real "hook," in my experience with Robb is that the student begins playing music almost immediately, allowing him to choose the music he wants to play from the get-go.  Robb’s love of music is so evident that those around him can't help but feel it as well.   

        — Andrea - (parent of  Alex, age 12 and Matt, age 14)

        A school friend recommended Robb to us as a prospective music teacher. Dominic can read and write music, plays violin and clarinet in orchestras and bands both at school and for personal enjoyment. Dominic LOVES to play the guitar. Therefore, it was really important to find just the right teacher so Dominic would continue to grow as a musician. We found that teacher in Robb Boswell. He was a teacher who could relate to Dominic as a person, had objectives for Dominic to achieve in music and offered a recital where he could perform before a live audience. This gave him the opportunity to perfect a piece of music for weeks before hand. Here was a teacher who encouraged our son’s love for the guitar.

      Under Robb’s tutelage, I saw Dominic grow as a musician and his confidence in his musical abilities blossom.

        Thank you Robb,

        — Sharon (Educator and parent of Dominic, age 14-16)






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