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“As a songwriter myself, this is one of my favorite areas to “teach.” It is all about freeing the creative impulse; be it through removing obstacles, filling in the gaps or learning enough until you can make those sounds you hear in your head and play those feelings you feel in you heart.”

        —Robert James Boswell

The songwriting program is for guitar players who:

  1. 1.have the desire to compose songs on the guitar for either vocal accompaniment or instrumental purposes.

  2. 2.are already creating parts and want to know how to extend them into complete songs.

  3. 3.want to know how to enhance their original songs with embellishments that are unique to the guitar.

Songwriting Guitar Course Includes (but is not limited to);

1. composing complete songs either from scratch or by adding to ideas you already have.

2. learning to understand and recognize various forms and tricks of composition so you will have more possibilities to choose from when creating your own music.

What is offered (not mandatory) for the songwriting guitarist.

I. Theory

    1. A. Creating Chord progressions

    2. B. Using  chord substitutions and alterations

    3. C. Song formats

  1. II. Scales:

    1. A. In open position to go with chords in open position
         1. for creating melodies in the low, middle and high registers

    2. B. Movable scales for movable chords to do the same

  2. III. Chords

    1. A. Different shapes, inversions and voicings

    2. B. Using a capo
         1. for changing to keys that better compliment your voice
         2. to access more possibilities on the guitar

  3. IV. Rhythm Guitar Approaches

    1. A. Strumming and finger picking styles

    2. B. Single note riffs and intervals

    3. C. Bass note strumming

    4. D. Moving and walking bass lines

Is this the program for you?

    If you can maintain a steady rhythm on the guitar and enjoy or desire to create your own music, this is for you. If you have a lack of rhythm skills that are preventing you from being the songwriter you want to be, those skills will be addressed until they are no longer an obstacle.

To schedule a lesson or for further inquiry Robb can be reached at the phone number and by clicking on the email address below.






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