Intermediate Guitar Lessons                


The intermediate program is for guitar players who have:

  1. 1.the desire to grow and improve

  2. 2.the basic skills to play rhythm guitar

  3. 3.the knowledge and ability to learning basic guitar music on their own.

    The goal is for the student to enjoy learning the skills, knowledge and practice habits that will empower them to play the music they love just like it is heard on the professional recordings. This is a bold statement and of course, more difficult music will require more dedication and study continuing into the advanced program.

    A couple of sources for this kind of sheet music are songbooks with the “ Play it like it is” or “Recorded Versions” label. Some others are Guitar Pro” (available on many tab websites) and most guitar magazines (i.e. Guitar World and Guitar School).

Intermediate Guitar Course Includes (but is not limited to):

Playing complete songs and riffs that are enjoyable for the student.

Learning to teach yourself intermediate songs and riffs from professional sheet music on your own.

Below is a detailed list of what is offered for the intermediate guitarist.

I. Scales in open position

    1. A. major and Minor Pentatonic

    2. B. major and Minor Diatonic

  1. II. Chords

    1. A. open position inverted chords for transitions

    2. B.  chord shapes for moving up and down the neck including half bar chords

  2. III. Reading and Playing while foot tapping

    1. A. rhythms containing 16th note rhythms with rests and ties

    2. B. chart notation for “Recorded Versions,” “Guitar Pro” and “Play it Like it Is” sheet music including articulations such as bends, slides, slurs, hammer-ons, pull-offs and more

    3. III. Finger picking---travis picking, counter melody and “piano style”

    4. IV. Strumming chords, single note and power chord riffsScratching

  3. V.  Riffs, licks and songs that including the techniques, skills and knowledge mentioned above

Are you ready for this?

    If you are not sure if you fall into this category check the section “Beginning Guitar Course Includes” at the bottom of the Beginning Guitar Lessons page by clicking here . Please keep in mind the following two points;

  1. 1.If you are beyond a beginner yet don’t have all of the skills listed we can always fill in the gaps.

  2. 2.You can be proficient in one area of rhythm guitar that interests you while totally unfamiliar  with an area that doesn’t. For example, you might be great at strumming and not the least interested in fingerpicking or playing riffs. If this were the case you could ignore the prerequisites for finger picking and riffing as we would focus on what you are interested in, strumming.

To schedule a lesson or for further inquiry Robb can be reached at the phone number and by clicking on the email address below.





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