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What happens in an intensive?

Last summer, one of my students (high school age) took an Extensive Intensive. This student had a two hour lesson, every day, Monday through Friday for two weeks. Though he had not yet been playing a year, he was dedicated. Each day we spent the first hour on intermediate rhythm guitar and the second hour on improvisation. Now he is playing with an original band, can teach himself to play a majority of the songs he wants to learn on his own and therefore spends his current lessons studying advanced guitar and improvisation. Today he is creating his own songs and improvising in most major and minor keys.

An intensive can be anything from an extra one or two hour lesson to a series of two hour lessons also known as the Extensive Intensive.

Reasons to sign up for an intensive can include yet are not limited to the following:

  1. You have a desire to increase your current guitar study time

  2. You would like to explore one or more specific areas of guitar, such as songwriting or improvisation

  3. You would like to study a certain style, such as blues, in greater depth

  4. You would like to study the style of a particular artist through learning a number of their songs and/or riffs

  5. You would like to learn and/or be coached on how to perform a set of songs

If you would like to schedule an Extensive Intensive it is suggested you call ASAP as spots are limited.

To schedule a lesson or for further inquiry Robb can be reached at the phone number and by clicking on the email address below.

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