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Why take lessons with Robb?

  1. *Teaching Experience: Over 25 years of teaching ages 13 and up, from beginners to pros in a variety of styles.

  2. *Serious Fun: You get the most from your lesson time due to his preparation, efficiency and sense of humor.

  3. *Teaching Method: author of over 150 lesson outlines with 9 books in print.

* Meet Your Goals: he develops a plan combining your musical tastes and goals with his versatile method.

* Integrated Technology: guitar effects and looping capabilities at our feet; itunes, Youtube, Guitar Pro Software and both paper and online sheet music libraries at our fingertips which means your lesson time isn’t spent watching him figure out a song.

* Atmosphere: Lessons are in a quiet and spacious environment at his home on the South end of Boulder, walking distance from Fairview High School.

  1. *Robb is a natural teacher and musician, highly skilled with a focused yet easy manner.

  2. *Easy to try him out: First lesson is half price.


Free the music within
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Since 1989, Robert James Boswell has been developing musical artists and teaching guitar to students of all levels in a variety of styles: including rock, blues, jazz, classical, metal, pop, country and folk.

First one hour lesson

half price!

What Robert’s students are saying:

”Robb created an extremely friendly atmosphere in the  lessons I had with him. I wasn't ever afraid to ask questions about anything I didn't completely under-stand... I now have a passion for music and the guitar and Robb may be to thank for that. He rocks, take lessons from him. Period.”

        —Alex Hawley, Student, Age 15

Learning guitar from Robb has taken me to the level I always dreamed of. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel where I am expressing myself freely on the neck and really letting my soul shine. I highly recommend studying guitar with Robb.”

   —Thomas Dow, Performer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Guitar Teacher

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