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Lesson Times and Location

Monday through Friday Lessons are offered at from 10:00 am - 7:30 pm

Additional times are made available on an individual circumstantial basis.

Robb teaches from his music studio in South Boulder, 

just a few blocks from Fairview High School.

For Ages 13 and up

Please click on one or more of the links at the top of the page to learn more,

or call ‘Robb’ to schedule a lesson at 720-298-5918.

          Robert James Boswell began playing and studying guitar in May of 1982. In 1989 he graduated the Musicians Institute’s Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood, California. Since graduating he has taught hundreds of students from beginners to professionals in a variety of styles.

          His philosophy in short is:

  1. 1. play the music you love with heart and soul

  2. 2. learn “how to learn” on your own

  3. 3. when you feel called to, dip into the ocean of improvisation, songwriting and theory to experience the thrill of expressing your own creative voice.

After all, the whole point of playing music in to enjoy yourself and enrich your life.

Teaching style and methods:*

*Lessons are always tailored to the students needs. The methods described here have developed through meeting the needs of students and helping them reach their goals since 1989. Using a proscribed method is always voluntary and never mandatory.

Teaching policy:

1. Lessons are payable monthly and in advance. Payment is due the last week of the previous month. Lessons not paid before the second lesson of the new month may cause a student to be denied a lesson and  his/her time given up to a new student.

2. All lessons are charged for if cancellation is not received at least 24 hours in advance or if a student does not show up at the agreed upon time.

3. Cancellation exceptions, if granted will will be determined on an individual circumstantial basis.

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Robert James Boswell * 720-298-5918 *                                                       * Boulder, Colorado

Guitar Lessons