Advanced Guitar Lessons                 

    To grow beyond your current level of skills and abilities, whether it be breaking through blocks, obtaining new skills, knowledge, practice habits or a combination of all of these, it is a choice fueled by desire, dedication and persistence.

Are you ready for this?

At a minimum you should have the skills, knowledge and ability to play with confidence and teach yourself the following;

  1. 1. Sophisticated rhythms up to sixteenth notes with scratches, ties and rests

  2. 2. Intermediate leads and melodies

  3. 3. Complete songs from start to finish

If you are not sure if you fall into this category check the section “Intermediate Guitar Course Includes” on the Intermediate Guitar Lessons page by clicking here.

    If you are already at the level of a professional guitarist you may want to check out the improvisation program by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

Advanced Guitar Course Includes (but is not limited to):

1. Playing music that challenges and is enjoyable for the student

  1. 2.Learning to teach yourself advanced music from professional sheet music on your own

  2. 3.Breaking through the obstacles that keep you from playing with your whole being

Some of the skills offered for the advanced guitarist:

  1. I. Single String Technique

    1. A. movable pentatonic scale forms and how to connect them

    2. B. movable diatonic scale forms and how to connect them

    3. C. scales in sequences and diatonic intervals

    4. D. practice techniques for greater command and speed

    5. E. arpeggios, double-stops and licks

  2. II. Chords:

    1. A. major and minor 1st inversions

    2. B. movable 6ths

    3. C. movable minor 7ths

    4. D. 9ths, 11ths and 13ths

    5. E. moving open chords up the neck

  3. III. Theory, Reading and Playing while foot tapping

  4. A. rhythms containing 8th and quarter note triplets with ties and rests

  5. B. staff notation in the treble clef

    1. C. chart notation for “Recorded Versions,” “Guitar Pro” and “Play it Like it Is” sheet music including articulations such as harmonics, raking, sweeping and more

    2. D. chord charts

  6. IV. Riffs, licks and songs that use the above skills and techniques

To schedule a lesson or for further inquiry Robb can be reached at the phone number and by clicking on the email address below.





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