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  Robert James Boswell is the founder of Robert James Music and a staff guitar teacher of Robb’s Boulder Music in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1989 he has taught guitar and music theory in a variety of styles, coached bands, and professionally developed/produced solo artists both live and in recording environments.

    In 1982, at the age of fifteen, Robb began playing electric guitar as a positive way to channel his creative energy. Captivated by the epic quality of the Heavy Metal sound, he progressed rapidly through private instruction and continuous practice. Almost immediately he began composing original songs and after only eighteen months he was performing as the lead/rhythm guitarist/songwriter in his own band.

    Robb’s ability to understand and teach music began early in his career. In High School, his Music Theory teacher enlisted him to help teach the class and create some of the course materials. During this same time period he began studying Classical Guitar with Robert Vaught, the one time teacher of the legendary Guitarist for Ozzy Ozbourne, Randy Rhoads. Recognizing Robb’s talent, it wasn’t long before Vaught asked him to perform for the National Guitar Society. In the 90’s Robb both taught and performed professionally as a classical guitarist. Since then, Progressive Rock, Blues, and Jazz have become a part of his ever expanding stylistic vocabulary.

    In 1988 while attending the Musicians Institute of California (M.I. - G.I.T.), he began working as a Guitar/Music Instructor teaching acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and theory to all ages and levels in a variety of styles including pop, rock, classical, blues, heavy metal, funk, and folk. After graduating, Robb continued to teach, create, record and perform further integrating what he had learned at M.I.  He then formed  the original Progressive Rock groups “Phoenix” and “Imagine Nation,” for which he played lead/rhythm guitar and composed music.

    In 1993 he began his apprenticeship with recording artist and producer/composer Rob Whitesides-Woo. Over the next nine years Robb learned both the basic and finer points of music production, engineering, composition, arranging and performance. It was during this time he began his work as a professional session guitarist, producer, music director and band coach.

    In 1994 Robb studied voice with Elizabeth Sabine, In 1994 Robb studied voice with Elizabeth Sabine, Power Vocal Coach to the singers of bands such as Giant, Guns-N-Roses, Megadeath, 38 Special, Stryper, and many others. Thus, voice became another of his instruments as he began performing as a Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter in coffee houses singing his original songs while accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and guitar synth.

    Since 1995 Robb has produced five music recitals for students, families and their communities where his students performed original and popular music,i.e. Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California. Under his tutelage, a number of students grew from beginning guitarists to more serious musicians, creating and recording their own CDs and performing professionally.

    Currently, Robb is putting the finishing touches on his signature guitar methods for beginning, intermediate, advanced and improvisation students. Plans for the near future include publishing these methods and creating videos to make lessons available online through this website. He says, “It’s a lot of work, yet a worthy task!





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